Vigil Nomination

Please use the form below to nominate a worthy candidate. ANY LODGE MEMBER can nominate someone for Vigil. You do not need to be a Vigil member yourself. The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that we as a lodge can bestow on our fellow lodge members. This honor is not something that can be consciously attained. Nominations are kept confidential and candidates are voted upon by their peers, much as you were elected into the OA by the members of your troop.


Before you nominate, each candidate:

  • Must have demonstrated above-and-beyond service to Tonkawa Lodge
  • Must have been a Brotherhood member for 2 years
  • Must be registered with the BSA and be in good standing with Tonkawa Lodge and current with their lodge dues

See the list of eligible candidates here

Vigil Nominations are NOW OPEN


Vigil Nominations will CLOSE at midnight March 5th