Become a trained Troop Representative!

-Being a Trained Troop Rep, will help you be the guy “in the know” in your troop!

-Being a Trained Troop Rep will help you get your friends to join you at OA meetings!

-Being a Trained Troop Representative will help you be active in Tonkawa Lodge!

-The Troop Representative training class lasts one hour.

-You can get a custom patch for getting trained.

-Getting trained could help your Troop earn the Honor Troop Rep Award

The Troop Rep program is one of the OA’s most important programs

The next Troop Representative Training will be at Spring Assembly, Sunday May 3rd with the actual training running from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

OA BSA Troop / Team Representative Program

The National Committee of the Order of the Arrow ensured the organization’s primary duty to a Scout’s unit be maintained through the Troop/Team Representative program.

This programmatic enrichment of the Order of the Arrow and BSA has enabled a Scout to act as a liaison between the OA and their troop or team by becoming a representative which, in addition, qualifies as a leadership position for rank advancement. In the unit, the representative acts as a link for communication and program in service to other Arrowmen as well as those Scouts and Scouters who are not members of the organization at present.

The program’s goal is to strengthen the mission of the Lodge and the Boy Scouts of America, as well as the aiding of the attainment of the purpose of the Order. The representative’s goal is to strengthen the image of the Order of the Arrow as a program enhancement in service of the unit.

Overall, the duties of a Troop Representative (Troop Rep) are quite simple: Ensure that his fellow troop members are well informed about the Order of the Arrow program happening around them. This simplicity graces what happens to be the most important position in the Order of the Arrow, as without it, our units would not know what is going on and we would not be able to support them. There are many resources available to help you learn how to be an effective Troop Rep, the best of which is our Troop Leadership Summit, held Sunday mornings of Assembly weekends. If this is not a possibility for you, other opportunities will be announced over the Tonkawa email list,

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A great resource to help along your way is the national Order of the Arrow BSA Page for Troop Representatives. It includes an FAQ and several useful information sources.

Troop Representative

Troop/Team Representative – Summer camp

Troop Representative FAQ

Troop/Team Representative Registration Form

Troop/Team Program Resources

Troop Representative in Unit Elections

Troop Representative Adviser

Troop/Team Representative – Camping Promotions

Troop/Team Representative – BSA High Adventure Opportunities

Troop/Team Representative Support Pak

For serving as a Troop Rep, the biggest reward is often the warm feeling in your heart seeing you have made a difference on the lives of your fellow scouts. If this is not enough motivation for you, there is also a patch. The Honor Troop Rep award is given to those Troop Reps who do their duties with distinction and ensure that their fellow scouts are in-the-know about OA activities. Insignia for this award is a patch, as well as recognition at banquet.

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Patches for Troop Representatives and Advisors available to trained individuals for $3

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brian Ellis, Tonkawa Lodge Membership Chairman (512) 217- 2038