Ceremonies Clan Application

Dance Clan Application

  • Powwows

    Arrowmen must attend and dance in a minimum of four powwows, one of which must be the annual Lodge Powwow. Dancers must be able to demonstrate good technique and are encouraged to attend non-scout powwows.

  • Clothing

    Arrowmen must have appropriate Dance clothing, in a specific style, and must be able to explain the pieces of their clothing. The Thunderbird Society Chief and or the Dance Clan Vice Chief must approve the clothing.

  • Singing

    Arrowmen must attend a minimum of six lodge singing practices. This can include practices held at lodge events.

  • Kerchee Song

    Arrowmen must know the Kerchee Family song and translation. You do not have to lead the song but you must be able to carry the tune and sing the words.

  • Name of an adult adviser or singing teacher who can vouch that you have demonstrated the Kerchee song.
  • Include an email address or phone number where they can be reached for verification.

Service Clan Application

  • Items noted may be completed twice
  • Serve at three Assembly weekends other than your Ordeal. You may serve as an elangomat or in another capacity.
  • EventDate