Membership Level

Annual Dues

New Members – Candidates who are going through Ordeal for the first time. This is included in the fee for your Ordeal weekend.


Ordeal Members – Those who have completed their Ordeal, but have not yet earned Brotherhood. (Brotherhood may be earned 6 months after your Ordeal)


Brotherhood Members and those registering for Assembly as Brotherhood Candidates


Vigil Members


Transferring Members – Your honor level at the time of transfer will dictate your dues according to this table.

$15 - $20



Other ways you can keep your membership up-to-date:

  • First, complete the Membership Dues form

  • Turn it in at any Lodge event

  • —or— Submit it to the front desk staff at the Fickett Center

  • —or— Pay your dues as a unit (See instructions on the unit recharter form. Remember that unit OA dues must be submitted to Council using a separate check; not on the same check as recharter fees.)

It’s possible to pay by credit card! Simply call the front desk at the Fickett Center and ask them to renew your Lodge dues. The receptionist will take your payment info over the phone.

Please contact David Stroud (512-413-1769) with any questions.