Some things to note regarding BSA health forms (in order of importance):

We take privacy very seriously. To ensure HIPAA compliance, all health form uploads are protected by multiple, independent security measures, including an SSL certificate (the same type of secure connection that is enabled when you use a credit card online). During events, the forms will be accessible only by adult medical staff (no youth), on a computer owned by a member the medical staff (not a borrowed laptop or tablet), and will not be otherwise transferred to anyone else or transmitted using any internet-based technology. All forms will be permanently deleted after each event for which they were intended.

When uploading your medical. PLEASE make sure the filename of your medical form is as follows:  “LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.pdf.” This helps us locate your form more quickly in case of an emergency.

The official health forms are now all-digital and can be completed without ever printing or scanning them. Follow this procedure:

[list list_type=”ol” list_class=”1″]Make sure to download the latest BSA health forms`If you don’t have a PDF editor, you can download Adobe Reader for free. It will let you open, edit and save PDFs to your computer. `Open the health form file, complete Parts A & B only (Part C only required for extended camping trips). `Create a digital signature (the software will instruct you if you need help) and “sign” the form. Note: It will look strange if you’re not used to these. `Save the form to you computer, and be sure to RENAME the file such that it includes your first and last name. `Upload the new file to complete your registration.[/list]

Of course, if you wish to print the form, complete it by hand, and scan it in, this will be acceptable as well.