Honor Order of the Arrow Troop Representative Award Tonkawa 99

The Honor Troop Representative award is given in recognition to those who serve their units as OA Troop reps while fulfilling all of the duties expected of them by the Lodge and Chapter. To earn the award, the Troop Rep must serve his unit for at least six months. During this time, he must attend all of his Chapter’s meetings and report back to his unit the information that was presented to him. There is a form below that can offer you guidance as to what to report to your troop, and filling out six of these will stand as documentation of your attendance as all Chapter meetings. Additionally, during this time the Troop Representative must attend as many lodge events as possible, and in doing so, spread the word about OA events and all of the service and fellowship that goes on with the Order. Important to the lifeblood of the Order, it is vital that new scouts and scouters be aware of what the Order of the Arrow does, why it exists, and what its purpose is. To this end, the Troop Representative should make it a high priority to ensure Order members are recognized for their accomplishments within the Order at Troop functions, as this highlights the opportunities the Order of the Arrow has to offer and gives the Troop Representative an opportunity to show the Unit what the OA is about. The last duty of the Troop Representative is to ensure an election is held for the Unit. While the election team is present, a Camp Promotions presentation should be given so that the unit may be informed about the awesome opportunities offered at out local council camps. In summary, the requirements to be recognized as an Honor Order of the Arrow Troop Representative are:

  • Complete six Troop Representative Reports, one for each chapter meeting
  • Attend half (rounded up) of the Lodge events during your term
  • Ensure an election is held in your unit, and the election form turned in within two weeks of the election, if your term includes part or all of election season
  • Work with the SPL to ensure the Troop recognize OA members’ advancements

Those completing the requirements will be presented with a special patch and certificate at Lodge Banquet. Brian Ellis, Tonkawa Membership Chairman (512)217-2038 brian.e2014@gmail.com

Please download

Honor Troop Representative Patch Application

Troop Representative Report

Patches for Troop Representatives and Advisors available to trained individuals for $3