Tonkawa Lodge COVID-19 Response Plan

August 9, 2020


Lodge Program Calendar Revisions

For the remainder of 2020, all lodge program which can effectively be moved to a virtual platform will be adjusted to do so.  At this time, lodge leadership is not yet ready to announce a plan for Fall Assembly, One Day of Service, or Winter Vigil.  The 2020-2021 Draft Calendar is below:

Date Event Location
July 17-19 Conclave Virtual
August 4-6 Momentum: Launch Virtual
September 5 Officer Elections + LLD + LEC Virtual
October 3-4 Fall Assembly LPSR
October 11 October LEC Virtual
November 7 November LEC Virtual
November 14 One Day of Service Plan TBA
December 12-13 Winter Vigil Plan TBA
December 13 December LEC Virtual
January 16 Lodge Banquet + LEC TBD
February 6 Report to State Austin
February 12-14 Ceremonies Workshop + LEC LPSR
February 20 LPSR Tree Planting LPSR
March 12-13 Fellowship + LEC TBD
April 11 April LEC Fickett
May 7-9 Spring Assembly + LEC LPSR
May 9 Spring Business Meeting LPSR
May 14-15 Spring Vigil LPSR


Lodge Officer Elections

In light of the cancellation of the Spring Business Meeting, and in order to best ensure adequate representation of each chapter, lodge officer elections will be rescheduled to the Lodge Leadership Development this September.  A letter of candidacy intent for lodge chief will be due to the lodge adviser by September 1, 2020.  Appointees to the Lodge Executive Committee will be named in the days and weeks following LLD, so all Arrowmen interested in serving on the LEC are encouraged to attend the LLD.  The 2020-2021 LEC will serve until LLD 2021, and 2020-2021 Officer Elections will be held at the 2021 Spring Assembly.


Unit Elections

For any unit that has not yet completed their elections, a virtual election may be conducted, preferably through Zoom Video Communications, contingent upon the approval of unit, lodge, and council leadership.  The election team will use forms and videos, and votes must be collected confidentially.  Any electronic voting mechanism must ensure no more than one vote per voter.  If not using the internal voting system offered by Zoom, it is recommended that elections teams use Google Forms to conduct the election in a secure manner.  In alignment with national policy, no open vote counting is to be allowed.  Refer to most recent editions of the Guide for Officers and Advisers and the Guide to Unit Elections for current election procedure and guidelines.


Candidate Callout

Each chapter will have full discretion to determine how they wish to recognize candidates.  Chapters can make a district-wide announcement, virtually visit each unit to announce, or delegate the recognition to unit leadership.  Ideally, a consistent approach will be used with all units in the chapter.  At all future elections, candidate recognition should occur at the conclusion of the meeting rather than at a delayed time, unless a district-wide recognition is planned.


Candidacy Extension

Pursuant to national policy, all candidates elected since February 1, 2019 will have 24 months from the time of their election to complete their ordeal.  This does offer an opportunity to induct elected candidates from 2019 who did not end up completing their ordeal, and chapter leadership is encouraged to take advantage of this.


Candidate Inductions

At this time, the future of Lodge Ordeals remains uncertain, though Tonkawa Lodge will continue to plan with every intent of offering an induction opportunity in the coming months.  When determining what the Ordeal may look like in 2020, state and local health and safety requirements will be considered, as will the best practices of other lodges around the nation.  Further communication will be released in the coming months, as we continue to explore options and learn from others.


Vigil Inductions

To ensure that adequate opportunities are presented, all Vigil nominees selected since Fall 2019 will be eligible at for induction at two Vigil weekends.  The Vigil Chief, in consultation with the Vigil Adviser and Lodge Adviser, will determine whether or not to select a Vigil class this fall.


Chapter Operations

It will be the discretion of each chapter to determine whether they hold chapter officer elections in Spring 2020 or Fall 2020, contingent on any number of factors.  It is important that changes in chapter leadership is communicated in a timely manner to the lodge officers.  The provision of chapter program is expected to continue through the coming months.


Lodge and Chapter Meetings

Until otherwise decided by the Lodge Key 3, meetings of the Lodge Executive Committee meeting will be held virtually.  Login information will be publicly available on the coronavirus response page on the lodge website at least two days prior to the meeting.  It is critical that chapters continue to operate and provide some degree of program to local units during this time.  The Order of the Arrow is one of the best resources to enhance unit programs, so regularly scheduled chapter meetings and chapter leadership meetings should continue.  These meetings can occur through any effective virtual or remote meeting platform.


Awards and Reporting

No change will be made to the current classification system which differentiates between lodge events and lodge-wide events.  The three annual lodge-wide events are Spring Assembly, Fall Assembly, and Lodge Banquet, and the annual Performance Measurement Program will reflect as such.  Only 2020 Ordeals and Lodge Banquet will count towards the Lodge Event Participation objective in 2020.  Eligibility for the Arrowman of the Year award will require attendance at all 2020 Ordeals, as well as Lodge Banquet.  All other requirements remain unchanged.  For Arrowmen currently working towards attaining the Tonkawa Lodge Red Arrow Award, their period of eligibility will be extended by one year.


Further Planning

All operations of Tonkawa Lodge are governed by the policies of both the Capitol Area Council and National Committee of the Order of the Arrow.  As such, Tonkawa Lodge policy will reflect decisions made on these levels.  The coronavirus response page on the lodge website will be updated to communicate pertinent information as released by these organizations.

A recording of the April 5 LEC meeting can be found here.

A recording of the May 3 LEC meeting can be found here.

View the Tonkawa Lodge COVID-19 Statement, released on March 20, here.

The original lodge response plan, released April 5, can be found here.  The older version of this plan will still be accessible, but continue to refer to this page for the latest policy from Tonkawa Lodge.